Have you ever wondered what your patients are feeling while in your care?

Reassembled... creates a wholly immersive experience that makes listeners feel they are inside a patient’s head, directly experiencing their descent into coma, emergence from and rehabilitation on a Neurosurgical Unit from a subdural empyema. Audiences experience it individually on hospital beds wearing eyemasks and headphones.

Reassembled... is a ground-breaking sonic arts production that can be used as an educational tool for junior doctors, nurses, medical students, physiotherapists and allied healthcare professionals.

What will you gain from bringing Reassembled, Slightly Askew... to your team for training?

  • A first-person perspective of being an in- patient and living with an acquired brain injury after hospital discharge
  • A rare chance to reflect on and refine your practice as a team
  • The opportunity to experience an innovative, inter-disciplinary artwork created by a former patient who had a subdural empyema
“This is the insight I’ve been searching for my whole career”
— Doctor, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Ward
“I now have a visceral memory that I will carry with me… I will remember every time I pass into a patient’s room.”
— Occupational Therapist
“I am blown away—ALL staff dealing with brain injury MUST experience this.”
— Healthcare professional, Southeastern Trust
‘This piece really contextualises the patient’s perspective, individualizing them and humanizing them to the point that I personally found both revolutionary and educational. This is a ‘must see’ experience for all medical professionals.’
— Cardiologist, Belfast Trust
‘I thought it was going to be something ‘arty-farty’. I had no idea it would affect me so profoundly and so visercally.’
— Neurosurgeon, Royal Victoria Hospital